Carbonless Copy (NCR) Paper

The KH COPY paper allows you to create several copies in one go. It can be used wherever there is a need to fill in forms in a quick and conclusive manner, even in the absence of common office equipment. Common applications include government institutions, insurance companies, banks, postal and delivery services, freight forwarders, carriers, etc.

The carbonless copy effect is based on a combination of a microencapsulated colorless dye (color former) applied to the back side of the top sheet (called Coated Back or CB) with a color-developing coating on the front side of the bottom sheet (Coated Front or CF). Under pressure imposed by handwriting, typing or impact printing, the microcapsules rupture and the dye reacts with the color developer, resulting in the image formation on the bottom sheet. Intermediate sheets have to be coated on both sides – with a CF layer on the front and a CB layer on the back (Coated Front and Back, CFB).

SC (Self Contained) paper is coated on the front side with a suspension containing both the dye capsules and the color developer. It can be used as a bottom sheet in combination with standard (non-NCR) paper as the top sheet, as well as for ribbonless impact printing. If more copies are required, the paper can be coated with an SC layer on the front and a CB layer on the back (Self Contained/Coated Back, SC/CB).

Carbonless copy papers CB, CFB, CFCarbonless copy papers SC/CB, CFCarbonless copy paper SCNCR coating can be applied to a variety of base papers as required, including, above all, security papers - see Carbonless Security Papers

KH COPY is a white, machine finished (MF), wood-free paper coated on one or both sides, available in grammages from 45 to 80 gsm. The paper is supplied in reels slit to your desired size.


  • applications, contracts and other business forms
  • orders, invoices, delivery notes, receipts and other documents
  • multi-copy cash register rolls
  • security envelopes and payslips
  • postal envelopes with tear-off  acknowledgment of receipt
  • waybills, bills of lading, CMR consignment notes
  • medical prescription forms


  • optional color-coded copies
  • multiple image colors available
  • protection against tempering and misuse
  • excellent runnability
  • easily printable on flexo and offset printing presses
  • available with FSC® certification
  • biodegradable, compostable and recyclable


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