Vision and Mission


We envision a world in which foodstuffs are wrapped in safe, sustainable and widely available materials. We believe in the future of paper as the ideal material for multiple single use packaging applications.


  • To effectively use the available material resources and our own intellectual wealth to provide the best paper for various applications.
  • To promote consumer awareness of the excellent qualities of our products and the environmental impact of the production and disposal of packaging. To increase the popularity of paper in everyday life.
  • Where applicable, to promote a gradual replacement of packaging materials from non-renewable natural resources with paper.
  • Thanks to the improved functional properties of our products, to extend the freshness of packaged foods, thus reducing the amount of waste.
  • To understand our customers‘needs and to offer paper optimally adapted to their application.
  • To provide paper for demanding converting and food packaging applications.
  • To place the highest emphasis on the quality of our manufactured products and their safety for direct contact with food.