Release Liners for Hygiene

Silicone-coated release paper can be used as a reliable and easily releasable cover of self-adhesive strips in various hygiene applications, such as women’s sanitary products, baby diapers, and incontinence aids. The paper is treated with a release agent on one side only, while the other side can be printed with a brand owner’s logo or any other pattern.

Our silicone release liner is a white, machine finished (MF), wood-free paper with silicone coating on one side, available in grammages of 36 and 50 gsm (22.5 and 31.25 lbs., 24×36-500). The paper is supplied in reels slit to your desired size.


  • sanitary napkins and panty liners
  • incontinence pads
  • baby diapers


  • excellent runnability
  • easily printable on flexo and offset printing presses
  • available with FSC® certification
  • biodegradable and compostable
  • recyclable


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