Greaseproof Paper

Greaseproof paper and barrier paper are ideal packaging materials for food containing fat and water. The paper is specially treated to prevent penetration of fat and moisture into or through the paper structure, thus preserving the packaged food as well as the printed packaging. Our KH PACK® oil and grease resistant papers have a wide range of applications in the food packaging industry. They are designed and certified for direct food contact. Common use cases include food service wraps, the manufacture of paper bags, and laminating with other materials where paper serves as one of the functional layers of composite packaging.

Specialty Papers

Our specially treated papers offer great possibilities for enhancing your comfort, protecting your property, or speeding and streamlining your document processes.

Today, we at KRPA PAPER focus on silicone coated release liners used for covering self-adhesive strips in envelope closures and hygiene applications. Historically, we have been a manufacturer of carbonless copy (or NCR) papers suitable for converting into multi-copy forms and rolls to be used wherever there is a need to make multiple copies of a document filled out by hand.

Our R&D department is prepared to cooperate with you on various applications where specially treated paper or cardboard can help you reduce workload or streamline your processes.