Paper for Microfluting

KH PACK® greaseproof and barrier papers are suitable for the production of microflutes used as protective liners and cushion pads in confectionery packaging. The paper can serve either as a functional inside-facing layer of the outer packaging or as both the fluting liners and medium of corrugated inserts and inner packaging. The paper has enhanced strength properties, adjustable crush resistance, and considerable grease and water resistance. One or both sides are adapted for joining to other layers of paper. For applications demanding high-temperature resistance, an HT (high-temperature) grade is available.

KH PACK® oil and grease resistant paper is designed for direct food contact in accordance with the strictest European regulations. Production takes place in a facility with a high degree of safety and hygiene.

KH PACK® greaseproof paper is a white, wood-free, machine-finished (MF) paper available in grammages from 30 to 70 gsm (19 to 43 lbs., 24×36-500). The paper is supplied in reels slit to your desired size.


  • chocolate box cushion pads
  • Swiss roll packaging
  • corrugated protective sleeves for biscuits
  • trays and liners for sandwich wraps
  • paper baking molds / loaf pans


  • reliable prevention of grease and moisture penetration
  • customizable degree of grease resistance
  • customizable barrier properties
  • excellent runnability and gluability
  • easily printable by flexographic and offset printers
  • certified and safe for direct food contact
  • free of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)
  • available with FSC® certification
  • biodegradable, compostable and recyclable


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