Gold and dark green on a white field: these three colors are not accidentally teamed up with the name of KRPA PAPER. They symbolize our inner strength, determination and responsibility we take for our own.

White is the color of purity and creativity. These properties form the essential background for the production of advanced specialty and greaseproof papers for food packaging purposes which are subject to high hygienic and safety requirements. We are constantly improving our papers and developing their new applications. We strive to create quality products that would help people in their daily lives. We are responsible towards our products and thus also towards our end customers.

The dark green color stands for stability and an environmental approach. Having been producing paper for almost two centuries, we are a stable and trustworthy production company. To remain one, we are always willing to take ecological and energy-saving measures. Paper as such is one of the greenest materials man ever created. It is manufactured from renewable natural resources, is easily decomposed and, provided it is produced in an environmentally aware manner as in KRPA PAPER, it has a favorable ecological footprint. We are responsible to the environment; we believe in sustainable development of paper industry.

The highest values, idealism, and happiness are symbolized by the color of gold. We feel a social responsibility to the people in our community, our employees and their families. We are not indifferent to the lives of people around us. We have carefully selected several local organizations that share our values, and regularly support their activities.

All these values hidden in our colors drive our effort to persevere and improve – for you, for us, for a better world.