Supported Projects

We feel our social responsibility for the development of local communities and we strive to contribute to improving the quality of lives of the people in our neighborhood. As part of our long-term strategy, we focus on the following activities:

Support for Schools

Each year, we provide schools and educational organizations from our region with writing and drawing paper for art lessons and creative workshops.

Healthy Child Development

Children are our future. It is our great desire to help them to grow to healthy and strong personalities and to find lots of friends. We found a non-profit youth organization with the same vision: we support the development and activities of the Scout troops in Hostinné.

Active Lifestyle

In today's way of life, it is not always easy to keep a healthy body and mind. In this respect, sporting activities play an important role but tend to be scarce in small towns. We decided that we will actively promote local sports organizations: we became the main sponsor of the table tennis club in Hostinné.